The condemnatory verdict against the Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Kirchner, has many years of process ahead until it is defined by the Supreme Court of Justice.

It is that after the ruling of the Federal Oral Court 2, they only have forty business days to publicize the foundations of the verdict. This will only be known between February and March 2023.

The parties will be able to appeal that ruling and they will be reviewed by Chamber IV of the Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber, which is made up of Mariano Borinsky, Javier Carbajo and Gustavo Hornos. That room previously intervened in other proposals of the cause and for that reason it will be the one that receives the appeals.

But beyond the fact that it is one of the fastest rooms in Comodoro Py, a ruling takes between 2 and 3 years at least.

Once the Cassation ruling is reached, everyone can appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice. They can do so through an extraordinary appeal that is first internal before the Cassation itself, and if the latter is denied, go directly to the High Court.

The Supreme Court of Justice also has several years ahead to resolve. It will be that failure that determines the end point of the cause.

If the Court validates the sentence handed down by the Court, in the case of the vice president holding any public office with privileges at that time, the National Congress must intervene for the eventual impeachment.

Source: NA