For some time now, the season of plays in Villa Carlos Paz It is the most anticipated during the summer due to the diverse number of shows that are presented and the cast that incorporates them.

Such is the case of “Crocodile 10 years”who returned to the Villa last December 7, 2022 to the Liberty Theater. The producer of the magazine, omar suarez He assured that he started the summer season at the beginning of the month to take advantage of all the movement that there is at this time.

The proposal includes humor, hypnosis, singing, dancing, acrobatics and a new wardrobe. Suárez also assured that he believes that the work will be “Among the best shows of this season in the Villa”.

He also anticipated that during the summer they will have to work a lot but a lot of people are expected to go since they offer “quality of show and good price on tickets” which vary between 2 thousand and 4 thousand pesos.