After the arrest of the father of Thiago Medina, from Big Brother, the production communicated how his participation in the house will continue. Julio Ricardo Medina was arrested for assaulting Camila Ayelén Denis, his stepdaughter.

At the moment, the participant continues to be isolated while he is part of the program. However, the journalist Leo Arias detailed what are the steps to follow in case Thiago has to break the isolation due to his family situation.

“Death of a family member or some force majeure cause such as what happens with Thiago’s father are the only reasons that can break the isolation, according to the GH regulations. If the production decides that it is necessary to comment on this information to Thiago, he will be summoned to the confessional, “revealed the journalist.

He also explained that breaking this isolation does not mean that the participant leaves the house. “Breaking the isolation is not ‘taking him out of the house’, it may also be that GH informs him what is happening with her father outside and that’s it,” she commented.

On the other hand, the journalist Agustín Rey reported that so far the production of Big Brother does not plan for Thiago to break the isolation due to the arrest of his father. “Since the production of #GranHermano they inform me that for now the isolation with respect to Thiago will not be broken,” he tweeted.

The father of the 19-year-old is in custody after assaulting one of his stepdaughters after arriving home drunk. Julio Medina argued with his 19-year-old daughter, Brisa Medina, who was defended by her brother, 16-year-old Lautaro Cáceres. Hearing the disturbances, 28-year-old Camila intervened in the discussion and Medina hit her.