The instant messaging platform’s Halloween mode consists of a temporary option that you can activate with a free app. To do this, you need to follow a series of steps that will allow you to change the WhatsApp interface.

1. First you must download an app called Nova Launcher from the Google PlayStore, an app that will give you the option to customize the appearance of your device, the screens, icons, backgrounds, application drawer, among others.

2. After installing Nova Launcher, you will need to open the app. Within its settings, I chose to Create a new design, or I chose a ready-made one

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3. Set Nova Launcher as default desktop.

4. Then you must search Google for an image of the WhatsApp icon with a Halloween design that you like.

5. Once the image is downloaded as PNG to your phone, open Nova Launcher, look for the WhatsApp icon and choose the Edit option.

6. Now select the image you had saved of the Halloween icon and that’s it.

To go back to the previous mode, simply change your device settings to start with the original launcher and you will see it in its previous appearance.