Being able to have a tool at hand that helps you know the speed limits can help you a lot, even to avoid more than one fine when we are driving and we do not know the limits marked in some areas. This new Google tool is being updated on all mobile phones in stages, so it may be that this option is not available yet, but it may arrive in the next few days.

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We tell you how to activate speed limits on Google Maps:

1. Enter Google Maps. Once inside, click on the menu button that you have in the upper right corner, in which your profile picture is displayed in it.

2. Go to the Google Maps options menu. In this menu, Click on the Configuration/Settings option.

3.Once you are inside, slide the menu down until you find the Navigation Settings/Navigation Configuration option.

4.Then go down to the section of driving options Y activate the speed limits option or disable it if you want to remove the indicator. As you see above, with this option enabled you will always see the speed limit of the road you are driving onand next to it you have the speedometer.

How to activate the speed limit service in Google Maps?  • Channel C
So you can see the speed limit.