Every day criminals add new modalities to scam people, it is necessary to be very attentive and informed about each one of them to avoid falling into any type of scam. One of the modalities with which they have been stealing in recent months is related to phone calls and voice messages.

In the vishing (as this type of crime is called), as in phishing, criminals impersonate the identity of a specific person. To do this, the attackers communicate with the possible victims twice in a row.

First, send a voice message or make a call pretending to be someone in particular. In general, it is usually a representative of a bank or a company that grants a prize or benefit, in this way they make the person believe that they have sent him a code so that he can access this prize/benefit or assistance. Later a second call arrives, where the scammer will guide the victim to change, without realizing it, their bank access code. In this way, that person manages to enter the account and perpetrate the crime.

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How can you avoid falling into vishing?

It is necessary to be attentive to any call from an unknown number. Let’s use common sense and all the information we have received about how criminals act. We never give a stranger personal information, passwords or codes that we receive on our phone,

It is important to remember that banks, government agencies and other entities never ask for passwords by phone, email or social networks. This is the key to avoiding these scams.