On some occasions, WhatsApp users receive audios that are very long, so they need voice messages to be downloaded to text, as may be the case of recorded interviews or classes. Or you just don’t want to (or you can) listen but you can read.

To do this, until very recently we needed to download an application that would do it, however, now no installation is required, rather the solution can be found within the application itself. To do this we must add a number to our phone book. It is not the number of a person but a bot that will be in charge of doing the job.

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The step by step to activate the bot:

-The first step is to add the following number to your contacts: +14156809230. The official name of this wizard is Alfred.

-The next step is to forward the audio to that contact via WhatsApp. This is done in the usual way: keep the voice message pressed, tap on “Share” and choose the bot.

-Finally the bot will take a few seconds and send you the text (audio transcript).