WhatsApp has been incorporating a large number of functions and tools within the platform in recent months, and has also made important announcements about some others that will be added over the next few days or months. One of the latest updates to arrive on the messaging platform is that of 3D avatars.

So far it is known that the aesthetics of these will be similar to those of Instagram and will have the same operation. However, they may be used much more within the messaging application than they are used in other social networks.

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We tell you how to create your own avatar in a few simple steps:

1.Open the WhatsApp options menu from the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen, by tapping on “Settings”

2.Tap on the option called “Avatar”

3.Choose the “Create” option and follow the steps indicated on the screen

Users will be able to edit their avatar and make changes to it or add different accessories. You can also use the avatar as a WhatsApp profile image, or a personalized sticker pack using your avatar.

One important fact is that not all WhatsApp users have access to this avatar function. At the moment, the deployment is being carried out gradually and it may take a few days to appear on all users’ mobiles.