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How to deal with economic imbalances in Argentina?

In its past “situation report”, the Institute for Studies on Argentine and Latin American Reality (IERAL) of the Mediterranean Foundation analyzes both the fiscal imbalance that hits the country’s economy and the precarious working conditions in which the worker performs, with low staff training and damaging wages.

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In the midst of Argentina’s critical financial situation before the world, the report considers that “The negative sign of the BCRA’s net sales in the coming months cannot be avoided, since a possible “Soy IV” it could hardly modify the seasonality of that dynamic. In this regard, it is estimated that the stock in silo bags could reach the equivalent of 5.0 billion dollars, therefore, taking into account the latest experiences, the plant could eventually capture between 1.5 and 2.0 billion dollars for the reissue of a special exchange rate for soybeans and derivatives, at the cost of “drying up” the income of subsequent months. The downward trajectory of the Central Bank’s reserves towards the end of the year may find a pause, should this scenario occur, but the trend will not be interrupted”.

In addition, it raises the need to develop more and better training and employment conditions for workers in the different productive areas of the country. “A low percentage of trained workers directly affects the productivity of a country, its competitiveness, its capacity for innovation, the investments that can be made and, lately, economic growth”, evaluate the report.

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