The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT), through Provision 3604/2022 published this Thursday in the Official Gazette, prohibited the sale of a “mantecol” because they discovered that it was false and adulterated.

“These actions were initiated as a result of an official letter from the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court No. 2 of San Isidro, through which the Food Sanitary and Nutritional Surveillance Department of the National Food Institute (INAL) became aware of a complaint from the firm Mondelez Argentina SA in relation to the commercialization of the falsified product whose label reads: ‘Dessert based on peanut paste and cocoa brand MANTECOL, RNE Nº 02-0000604, RNPA Nº 02-569076, plastic container presentation 3.3 Kg, Expiration 02/12/23, L18 140’, which does not comply with current regulations because it is a counterfeit product that uses the information of a genuine food, lacks records and is falsely labeled,” reported ANMAT.

How to differentiate the good mantecol from the trucho?


-External characteristic: Sharp drawing.

-Batch and expiration code printed with ink jet and according to Mondelez code

-Regarding coding, Mondelez uses the ink jet dater to code the trays.

-Finally, the coding used by Mondelez is: “L22 140 05/20/2023”, where:

-L22 refers to the year of production (2022)

-140 refers to the Julian day of elaboration (05/20),

-05/20/2023 refers to the expiration date due to the one-year shelf life of the product.


External feature: Lack of sharpness in the drawing and black edges

Expiration printed on the label (not made with a dater).

It can be seen in the samples of the claims received, the expiration date is printed on the same label.

If we follow the Mondelez coding, the product whose lot appears as L18 140 shows that it was made on 05/20/2018, with expiration on 02/12/2023. This results in a claim of nearly 5 years of product life, when in reality our product life is 1 year.

They prohibit a mantecol: how to differentiate the trucho from the real one?  • Channel C