Without a doubt, Telegram is one of the best messaging applications, even above its direct competitor: Whatsapp. Now the platform allows you to have up to three different accounts on the same cell phone. To do this, you don’t need to download any other application, which is more than interesting considering the extra space it means on your smartphone

In addition, another point to keep in mind is that to create other accounts, you do not need to subscribe to the paid version, Telegram Premium, available on the platform. Next, we will tell you the step by step so that you can have two different accounts on your cell phone.

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1.Tap on the button with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

2.Tap on the downward-facing arrow that appears to the right of your name.

3.Enter “Add account”.

4.Enter the phone number of the account you want to add.

When adding the new account you can choose whether or not you want to synchronize the contacts. And that’s it, you already have your new account ready to use it. To switch between the different phone numbers added, you just have to display the right side menu and touch the account you want to use.