Have you ever tried Arabic bread or pita? Pita bread originates from the Mediterranean basin and in particular from its eastern region in countries such as Greece or Turkey. The Western name pita can sometimes be used to refer to various other types of flatbreads that have different names in their local languages, such as numerous styles of the Arabic khubz (bread).

It is a flat bread, without crumbs, very light and perfect to accompany some filling of vegetables or shredded chicken. It is a very simple meal, quick to prepare and with all the flavor of the Mediterranean.

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Here we tell you in three simple steps how you can do it:


500 grams of common flour

300cc of water

20 grams of fresh yeast

6 tablespoons of oil

salt to taste


1) In a bowl, we are going to shell all the yeast and mix it with the water (it is important that it is lukewarm, neither cold nor hot) and stir with a fork. Let stand for 10 minutes

2) Then, we place the flour in the shape of a crown, we place the yeast in the center and we unite with our hand. Meanwhile add the salt. When the dough is integrated, we put the oil and unite very well, always with our hands. Let rise until doubled in size.

3) Knead on a previously floured counter, separate into buns of the same size and stretch each one with a rolling pin to give it a round shape. The thickness will depend on the use we give the bread: leave it thin if we want it to have no crumbs and a little thicker if we need it for a sandwich. We take to hot plate, oven 200 degrees for 5 to 7 minutes.