Today we teach you how to prepare a classic fast food dish of American origin that, due to its juicy and crunchy texture, appeals to children and adults.

Ingredients for 4 people

Chicken breast 200 gPhiladelphia type cream cheese or similar 50 gspices to taste, clove of garlic (medium)(optional), salt and pepper to taste, wheat flour to coat the nuggets, egg to coat the nuggets, water to coat the nuggets 50 mlabundant breadcrumbs, to coat the nuggets, abundant extra virgin olive oil to fry the nuggets.

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How to make homemade chicken nuggets

We chop the chicken breast cut into cubes, season with salt and pepper, add the garlic and the necessary seasonings. We crush everything and transfer the mixture to a bowl and add the cream cheese, working with a fork until obtaining a homogeneous or uniform mass.

Once the ingredients are well mixed, form balls the size of a small meatball and lightly flour them. Then, with the palm of our hand, we flatten them a bit to give them the classic shape of nuggets. It is not advisable to make them very large, so that when frying them they can also be cooked inside.

To bread them, beat the egg mixed with the water, and after smearing each portion well, transfer the nuggets to a plate with the breadcrumbs. Optionally, you can use cereal, panko or any other topping for the nuggets to give them a crunchier texture.