We tell you the recipe to prepare an orange chicken for six people. Orange chicken is a Chinese dish originating in Hunan. The most common variety of orange chicken found in Chinese-American fast-food restaurants consists of battered, deep-fried pieces of chicken covered in orange-flavored hot and sour sauce, which thickens or caramelizes.

Here we tell you the step by step of this incredible recipe:


Chicken with its ends tied, 1 chopped onion, lard and/or oil 3 tablespoons, salt, pepper, tarragon, orange juice, ½ cup, apricot or sweet orange marmalade, 2 tablespoons, wine ½ cup, orange peel 2 tablespoons, segments of 2 peeled oranges, chicken broth (as needed)

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1.Put the chosen bird in a roasting pan with the breasts facing up.

2.Melt the butter or heat the oil, sauté the onion, add the tarragon, the orange juice, salt, pepper, a small teaspoon of sugar and the jam.

3. Cook over low heat, mixing a little and add the Marsala wine.

4.Separate the sauce into two parts. Repeatedly cover one part of the surface of the bird during cooking, pour a little broth into the base, a very small amount that does not burn, and bake over high heat.

5.Put the other half of the sauce in a saucepan, over the flame, cook a little, make sure there is a good base with the broth and thicken with 1 teaspoon of cornstarch dissolved in the broth.

6. Cook stirring until it breaks the boil. Taste and adjust the flavor. Add the orange segments peeled live. Let them warm up.

7.Remove the bird from cooking, cut it into prey or portions, arrange in a bowl, bathe with the hot sauce and serve with rice or legumes.