A large number of messages arriving on your mobile phone can be very annoying. That is why WhatsApp designed a function so that you can manage the way in which notifications reach you. In this way, users can select to be notified of messages from one or more specific chats or you can deactivate all notifications from the WhatsApp app and not receive any messages.

The first thing you have to do is assign a specific notification tone to all the chats you choose, the silence tone. To configure all WhatsApp notifications with the silent tone, you have to open the app on your Android mobile, click on the menu button with an icon of three vertical points that is located in the upper right part and enter the Settings of the application.

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Once inside the Settings, select the Notifications option and then, inside the Messages section, click on the Notification tone button. In this way you will access the default notification tones, within which you will have to select the option Silent or None, since it can appear in both ways and click on the Save button that is located in the upper right corner.

The last step we must take is to choose the chats and groups from which we want to continue receiving notifications with sound and once the selection is made, change the notification tone only to these conversations.