During the summer, high temperatures cause people to spend more time in the water, be it swimming pools, rivers, seas, among others; and it is for this reason that earaches begin, especially in children.

Faced with this scenario in which visits to health centers tend to be frequent, the head of the Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Service of the Children’s Hospital, Fernando Romero Orellanogave recommendations to prevent summer otitis.

This type of infection, generally of bacterial origin, is a prevalent disease at this time of year, in which there is inflammation in the ear that is favored by humidity in the environment, the intensive use of pools and swimming pools, and the immersion in lakes or rivers.

The professional stated that “Most of the time there is permanent pain in the ear, which can increase when touching the ear. It does not always cause fever, pain is the main symptom”. He also specified that the first preventive measure is avoid touching earsince the ear canal can be injured and, in this way, contaminate the area more easily and cause an infection.

This is why it is recommended do not use cotton swabs or insert any sharp object. The inflamed area can be sanitized with a towel or cotton, using it only on the outside. “Cleaning with swabs or some physical element can generate micro-lesions inside the ear canal that favor the development of this disease,” accurate Orellano. The professional assured that this is one of the main reasons why the damage to the ears worsens.

Taking into account the intensive use of swimming pools and swimming pools at this time of year, it is suggested to apply two drops of boric alcohol after bathing, available free of charge in pharmacies, to ensure that the ear is dried and disinfected.

It is not recommended to apply any type of medication in drops, since in general they are antibiotics, which as such must be indicated by health professionalsOrellano warned. If you feel pain or a clogged ear, it is essential to consult a health center.