Cybercrimes have become increasingly frequent in our country and banking apps are not exempt from it. The facilities that banking entities have incorporated so that users can carry out all the necessary operations more easily may also imply some risks.

For this reason we tell you some tips to keep in mind and not be victims of these crimes:

-Activate entry to the application through biometric information.

-Have a different password for each of your accounts, avoid saving those passwords on our mobile.

-Avoid logging in on devices that are not your own and if we do, remember to log out.

-Avoid making a transaction or bank inquiry connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

-Make sure to put a password on the lock screen.

-Put a limit daily transactions allowed.

If your phone has been stolen, you should immediately call your bank and ask for the app to be blocked. Call the telephone company and block the chip, since in some cases criminals can only access our virtual wallets with the chip.