To save on fuel, it is not only necessary to find certain discounts at service stations, but also to drive on the most efficient routes. One way of knowing this data will be possible thanks to the new Google Maps function that offers users the possibility of choosing the most efficient routes that save time and fuel to reach their destinations.

To access these ecological routes it is necessary to enter the Route Options menu when calculating a route and enter the option “Give priority to routes with fuel savings”. This function will also be available in the Settings menu, within the Navigation Settings section.

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Users will also be able to select if the vehicle runs on gasoline, diesel; whether it is electric or hybrid. In this way, the shortest route and the one that benefits consumption savings will be chosen. In this way, Google Maps will show an estimated percentage of the fuel or energy that will be saved if you decide to travel along the route indicated as ecological.

This new Maps update will initially be available for 45 countries, but it is expected to land in Latin America very soon.