Two weeks after the solar eclipse, this Sunday night will be a total lunar eclipse, which means that the Earth will cover the satellite that will show a particular reddish color.


The phenomenon will begin at 10:32 p.m. this Sunday, May 15, and an hour later, the Moon will begin to be eclipsed. At 0.30 on Monday, the eclipse will be total and will give rise to the long-awaited Red Moon.

“This spectacular stage of the eclipse will last 1 hour and 25 minutes, will have its central moment at 1:11 and will end at 1:54, when our eclipsed satellite is located at a height of 69º… Why do we say “spectacular stage”? Because, as in every total eclipse, the Moon will take on a pale and beautiful reddish/orange color, due to the weak sunlight that filters and refracts from the Earth’s atmosphere towards the shadow cone, saving our satellite from what Otherwise, it would be absolute darkness”, explains the statement from the Buenos Aires Planetarium, Galileo Galilei.

Unlike solar eclipses, where it is necessary to put filters between the sky and the eyes to protect the eyes, lunar eclipses are safe to see with the naked eye. The recommendation of the specialists is to use binoculars or telescopes for greater definition and scope of vision. Those who do not have these devices can help themselves with the cell phone camera.

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before the eclipse: dress in light colors, which symbolize the light of the Universe that you should be. Think hard about your purposes so that you can use the power of the universe in them. If possible, write them down.

during the eclipse: have at hand a pencil or pen, a piece of plain white paper, a glass with salt (symbolizes the Earth) and two medium candles, one yellow (represents the Sun) and the other white (alludes to the Moon) . Sit in a comfortable place outdoors or in a quiet, quiet environment in your home. Write on the paper the purpose you have been thinking about. Fold the paper several times until it is a very small square and leave it inside the glass with salt during the entire eclipse.

after the eclipse: Burn the piece of paper in one of the two candles. If your purpose has to do with personal or love issues, you should do it with the white candle; and if it is related to health or the economy, with the yellow candle