More than once we wanted to send a WhatsApp message to a person without having to schedule it in our contact book. That is why the most recognized messaging platform worldwide enabled an option to chat with other users without having to add it to our agenda, we are talking about Click-to-chat.

This feature is very useful for trades that have a limited duration. Although WhatsApp launched this tool a while ago, it has been updated and the link that was available a while ago no longer works and Meta enabled a new URL.

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In any browser, from the computer or from a mobile device, you must enter the following URL in the address bar: followed by the phone number or WhatsApp with which you want to start a conversation. An important fact is that the number must be preceded by the international code, without the prefix zero, nor the + sign, nor parentheses, spaces or hyphens.

Then you must hit Enter, and the browser will direct you to a WhatsApp website where you will see the option to Chat on WhatsApp with the number you entered. You must click on the Go to chat button and that’s it.