Like other apps like WhatsApp or Snapchat, Gmail has an option similar to that of self-destructing messages. That is, it is possible to send emails to other people that disappear after a certain time and you only need to configure it in a couple of simple steps.

To use the confidential mode in Gmail, we must first configure it in each of the emails that we want to expire in a certain period. To do so, there are two options:

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In the desktop version:

After writing an email we must look for the padlock icon with a clock that appears in the options to the right of the send button. This leads to the confidential mode menu, where it is possible to set the mail expiration and whether an access password is required.

In the app:

When you write an email, you have to touch the three points that are in the upper right part of the screen and go directly to the confidential mode. There you will see the same options as in the desktop version.

An important detail of the confidential mode is that the people who receive one of these emails cannot copy, forward, download or print the email, at least in the traditional way in which each of these actions is done. It is an extra layer of privacy in the email platform offered by Google.