In a matter of hours, a new edition of the Villa María 2023 Festival will begin. After the tickets for some of the nights sold out, people began to wonder if the event could be seen on Public TV as on other occasions.

However, Sebastián Panero, president of the Sports and Tourism Entity, assured that this year the organization reached an agreement for a special program for the Festival de Peñas de Villa María. In principle, he assured that “due to the Festival País format that they have and due to some impositions of the rights of some artists that come, the festival will be broadcast. That is to say that it will not be live, this option will only be streaming ”.

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In this way, the Peñas Festival will only be televised on Channel 10 Córdoba and via live streaming on Public TV, in addition to the Amphitheater website and networks. Here are the links to access: