The demand for the appearance of Guadalupe Lucero led the central march of the 35th Plurinational Meeting of Women, Lesbians, Trans, Transvestites, Bisexuals, Intersexuals and Non-Binaries in Huarpe, Comechingón and Ranquel Territory that toured the city of San Luis during the day of this Sunday, in which more than 100 thousand people from all over the national territory participated.

Members of the Organizing Commission carried the drag flag of the meeting to lead the march, and the family of Guadalupe, who was last seen on June 14 at the door of her house in San Luis, with her mother as a special invited, they were in second place carrying the banner that a year and four months ago led the claims for the appearance of the six-year-old girl.

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In this way, during a 7-kilometre journey, the more than 100,000 women and dissidents who gathered in San Luis walked the streets and institutions, raising their voices for various claims. Along the way, one of the moments of greatest tension occurred when the long demonstration passed through the Cathedral Church of San Luis, which was fenced off and with police personnel, waiting for what did not happen.

The metal fences were used as sounding boards to accompany the feminist choirs criticizing the ecclesial institution. Another of the high points of the march was the passage through the Central Police Headquarters, also fenced, where the demand for the appearance of Guadalupe was added to the request for justice for Florencia Magali Morales, who died in a pandemic in a police station in Santa Rosa del Conlara in the provincial interior, on April 5, 2020.

The established order to march included the families of victims of femicides in San Luis, indigenous women from all territories, those who live with a disability, children’s organizations, and union movements and political parties.

The demand for a Wetlands law was also repeated in the march and was discussed in the workshops, as well as the repudiation of the cuts in terms of disability.

The Rio Negro city of Bariloche will host the 36th Plurinational Meeting of Women, Lesbians, Trans, Transvestites, Bisexuals, Intersexuals and Non-Binaries. The decision was made after the imprisonment of Mapuche women.