In the recent elections for governor in the province of Córdoba, The Turing system for the provisional counting of votes was implemented for the first time, with the promise of greater transparency and agility in the results. However, on Sunday June 25, the expected results were not achieved, which led the Superior Court of Justice to initiate an administrative investigation.

The aim of the research is determine possible responsibilities on the part of the company contracted for the counting of votes using the Turing system. The inconveniences detected during data transmission motivated this measure to clarify what happened.

In response to this situation, since The Municipal Electoral Board announced that they will not use the Turing system in the elections for mayor of the city of Córdoba. Instead they opted for the traditional system that involves double control by means of telegrams.

Miriam Capone, election clerk, explained that they hired the ocasa company. It worked in the provincial elections, but They decided to use the traditional system because the problems were not related to aspects such as the deployment, content of the ballot boxes or the operation of the polling stations, but specifically with the agility and speed of data transmission.

How will be the method of counting votes in elections for mayor in Córdoba.  • Channel C
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The traditional count that will take place on July 23 will involve the use of telegrams by school, whose data will be sent to the computer center and, through data entry, will be loaded into the general system. Capone explained that there is a provisional canvass and another that is established by law and that begins 48 hours after the close of the election.

Regarding the provisional count, the telegram will be used, which will be delivered to the post person after the table has been scrutinized and signed by the authorities present. Subsequently, it will be scanned from six nodes and a double manual upload will be carried out, where one person will upload the record and another will verify the data. If there is a match, the record will be counted as valid and the number will be counted. In case of detecting any discrepancy, the problem will be investigated, and if it cannot be solved, the telegram will remain on the incidence table.

With the decision to use the traditional system for the mayoral elections, the authorities seek to ensure a more reliable vote counting process and avoid the inconveniences experienced in the debut of the Turing system in the gubernatorial elections.

How will be the method of counting votes in elections for mayor in Córdoba.  • Channel CHow will be the method of counting votes in elections for mayor in Córdoba.  • Channel C

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