This Thursday, the infectologist Hugo Pizzi, indicated what to do in the face of the different symptoms that occur and how to prevent the mosquito bite. He also explained what virus is currently circulating and what this implies.

“Today what there is is autochthonous dengue, which is much more worrisome than exceptional dengue that came from Colombia, Paraguay or Brazil,” accurate. This means that, “It is circulating among us and that our mosquitoes are contaminated.”

Faced with this, the infectologist indicated that all possible care should be taken. From cleaning the patios, putting tulle in the children’s cribs, using repellent to placing plastic cloth that comes with thistle to place inside the openings of homes.

“In the face of this challenge, we must use all the sobriety and moderation of what we have learned in recent years. It cannot be that such a small and insignificant but lethal thing has us bad. We have to kill it, fight it and stop it from reproducing.“, clarified in front of the action to be carried out.

pizza He also assured that there are some insecticides that can be used inside the rooms since they do not interfere with smell or affect humans in any way.

Something that the infectologist highlighted is that it should not be forgotten that this mosquito transmits dengue, chikungunya, zika, yellow fever, as well as a common flu state. Before the latter, the most common symptoms are usually severe headaches, fever, or intense pain in the joints.