“I don’t have what is needed, what they have” Forties. pension room. Actress marked by the secondary. Spending his days in solitude. Living on frustrated dreams. A supporting actress sentenced to anonymity, to remain in the shadows, on the sidelines, full of envy and resignation. “I stay on the edge, seeing how my leading role is tasted by them. I was born to shine, but I am too opaque”

The Theater Hearse will present all friday in march at 10pm in The Scenic Nave, Ovidio Lagos 578.

Dramaturgy, direction and staging: Lucas A. Leiva. Actress: Valentina Marello. General assistant: Leonardo Ordonez. Technical assistant: santiago pozzo. Scenery and costumes: Lucas A. Leiva and Valentina Marello. Photography and DG: Rodrigo Brunelli.
This work has the support of INT.

Reservations by BEFORE / Consultations: @lanave.escenica (IG-Face) / Lucas: 3516310971