President Alberto Fernandez spoke of his tense relationship with the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner,and reiterated its support after the conviction in the Public Works case. “He knows that he counts on me humanly unconditionally”he stated in an interview with Perfil.

“I have sincere affection for Cristina. And in the circumstances she is experiencing, she knows that she counts on me unconditionally. And when I say this, I want to make it clearshe counts on me humanly unconditionally“, reiterated the president, who despite his statements, insisted on clarifying that their relationship suffered moments of tension framed by internal debates.

The president was in charge of dismissing the accusations that brand him as having been “a puppet” of the ex-president by emphasizing that he was in charge of making the decisions when it had to be done.

I am someone who loves and respects Cristina Kirchner very much, but I am Alberto Fernández. I have my own looks, my own visions, I value Cristina’s looks very much, I respect them above all things, but we don’t necessarily think alike about some things. At this time the president is me, and the one who has to make the decisions is me“said the head of state.

Along the same lines, he expanded: “Many media installed, from day one, that Cristina was going to make me a puppet. It’s not that Cristina tried and it went wrong. She has always respected me in that sense, what happens is that there were moments, with the vertiginous dynamics that we have experienced in these three years, where we We found out with different looks and that was where my decision prevailed, not hers. Many times hers also predominated, because I was certain or convinced that she was right, that I was not right.”

Regarding the current situation of Frente de Todos, the President revealed that views converge, and he was respectful of the views of the deputy maximum kirchner, one of the most critical of his management. “Cristina is angry about decisions I make. It must be that I don’t make the decisions you wantand it is very possible that this generates some degree of distancing,” he explained.

He also stated: “She has a different look and I respect her, as I respect Máximo’s different look. I respect her, but I have another obligation. I have to rule this country“.

Source: Argentine News NA