This Friday, the national senator for Córdoba, Alejandra Vigo (Federal Córdoba), said she was not in favor of the reform project of the Council of the Judiciary that will be dealt with by the Senate of the Nation.

On the other hand, he expressed that it is not clear if the project is promoted by the national Executive or a political sector of the national government. “In reality, we do not know from which part of the Executive this project comes, because with the division that exists, I did not hear President Fernández refer to that project. So I don’t know if it’s from the Executive or if it’s just one sector that promotes these changes”, he said.

“The issue of the Judicial Council is clearly framed in the National Constitution. And in the initiative there are two issues that go against what the CN itself has set. In the first place, the participation of the Judiciary in the body to elect judges cannot be avoided. The presidency of the body corresponds to the highest authority of the Judicial Power. In Córdoba, and in most of the provinces, the Judicial Council is presided over by the Superior Court of Justice”, added Vigo.

On the other hand, he indicated: “I also consider that it poses a great imbalance in its composition and in the election of the members, and on the other hand it is discretionary. It does not include the national academies of Law such as those of Córdoba and Buenos Aires that promoted this figure in the National Constitution and worked on the laws of the provinces in that sense”.

“In the case of legislative representation, it does not recognize the second minority either. It seems to us that it is not aimed at forming a Council of the Judiciary as Argentina should have”.

In another order, the senator from Cordoba emphasized her support for the bill for the gradual reduction of agricultural withholdings on account of the Income Tax that will be presented by the deputies of the Federal Cordoba Block. “If all goes well, the initiative will reach the Senate. In that sense we are working with other colleagues to get it approved”.

Lastly, Vigo anticipated that he will present the draft law for the transfer of jurisdictions of Aysa, Edesur and Edenor from the national government to the respective jurisdictions so that it is not all the Argentine people “who support the cheapest water and energy rates in the AMBA”.

“The agreement with the IMF is not enough. A plan is needed and within that framework, laws such as those that we have been proposing from Córdoba Federal as a reduction in withholdings, equitable distribution of subsidies to the public service of passenger transport. We are working with senators from different provinces and we want to add mayors (from Córdoba, Río Cuarto, Rosario, etc.) to listen to them, because they are the ones who suffer from inequity in terms of rates, ”he said.

Senator Vigo made these statements at a press conference after participating this morning in Río Cuarto in the expansion of Apross por Vos, a program aimed at providing health care to victims of gender violence.