In a radio interview, the National deputy Máximo Kirchner assured that he does not believe that the Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is going to be a presidential candidate in the 2023 elections and affirmed that, for him, the opposition candidate for the presidency will be Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

When asked about the candidates for the front of allMáximo affirmed: “Alberto has said yes, Massa has said no, from what I have read, and I think that Cristina will not be”.

“I think that (Cristina) has made a great effort, the wear and tear is very great in a Presidency,” he said about the former president, although he noted that “it takes a few bodies away” from the rest of the potential applicants of the space.

Then he removed from the presidential race Patricia Bullrich: “She does not, it would be very bad for the country. The same may be a sector that wants it, there are people in Tucumán who voted for Bussi…”.

When asked if the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedro, could embody that nomination, affirmed that “he is very capable, a good militant, he walks, he walks, he is of a very interesting age to be President”; and he added that there are also “very capable” governors.

Regarding the opposition, he indicated that he believes that the head of the Buenos Aires Government Horacio Rodriguez Larreta is “who has real electoral possibilities” and added: “We have to see if they want to become a little independent, if they lose their fear with (Mauritius) Macri”.

In another order, he assured that the candidates of the front of all towards the presidential election of 2023, they will settle in a PASO or in partisan internal elections, affirming that “we believe in participation and in the construction of majorities.”