President Alberto Fernández said that he does not have a “dispute” with Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner but that he has “differences” with her, but he clarified that he does not want to “fight” with the former president but rather with Mauricio Macri, “the right and those who of Argentine decadence”.

This was stated in a press conference that he offered this afternoon at the Argentine embassy in Paris, where he arrived this Thursday morning on the third and last leg of his trip through Europe, which also took him to Spain and Germany.

“In a report with a very important newspaper in Spain, the journalist brought me to the stage the differences that we can have with Cristina. The entire report tried to get me into the ring with Cristina,” explained the president about the statements he made this week to the Spanish newspaper The country.

Referring to the differences within the FdT, the President insisted: “I’m not arguing with Cristina, or any internal, I’m not thinking about my re-election, I’m thinking about how to get out of the problems we have,” he said and added: “I don’t have a dispute with Cristina, I have differences”.

Meanwhile, he affirmed that in the presidential elections next year, the Front of All must “do whatever is necessary to win and guarantee that the macrismo and the right do not plunge us back into the awful world in which they plunged us.”