A woman went viral on social media thanks to her reaction to a surprise party her children threw for her. Her daughter, María Espinoza, posted her video on her TikTok account (@mariaespinosaf) with the phrase “They are organizing a surprise party for your mom for her 60th birthday” “My mom: .

The woman’s face of anger and disappointment quickly traveled through social networks, since her discomfort was evident. The daughter explained that her mother had been emphatic: she did not want to celebrate her birthday under any circumstances.

However, their children turned a deaf ear and invited all their family and friends to celebrate together. The users demanded a second part of the video, since everyone wanted to know if the woman had stayed to enjoy her entertainment or if she had fled for everyone else to enjoy.

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In a second video, María showed that her mother began to dance as soon as she entered the party room. Between both films, the user accumulated almost 20 million views.

“I don’t judge her because it could clearly be me in the future”, “I don’t like anything done to me either and my family has always complied with it”, “My mom stopped talking to me for up to a week for having thrown her surprise party ”, were some of the comments upon seeing the woman’s first reaction.