Months before the elections, the different political leaders of Córdoba begin to throb the one prior to the elections. Gustavo Santos, National Deputy of Together for Change, has already confessed that he will fight for the position of Governor 2023.

Regarding the possible candidates, he pointed out that Luis Juez has also already declared his intentions to be Governor. Consulted by this political leader, Santos, after a long sigh, said: “I believe that JXC is a coalition that is formed by the different ones. We have different ones that are complementary and others that are contradictory. I do not want to say it is the truth or rule out anyone because it would not correspond in addition”

He then stated that whoever wishes to be governor should stand in front of a camera and tell the people of Cordoba why he wants to govern them. “The time in which we are not going to tell people what we are going to do is over,” she emphasized.

Following this same line of thought, Santos presented his management plan “Let’s see what needs to be continued, see how well it has been done, correct what needs to be corrected and, above all, innovate”

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