After an introduction by the economist Guido Sandleris, analyzing the current economic situation in Argentina, and by the president of the Córdoba Stock Exchange, Manuel Tagle, the governor of the province of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, spoke in the framework of a new edition of the Cycle of Conjuncture.

“It is essential that there be uniformity of ideas in JxC, and we have to get personalisms out. We don’t have to think about who is Manes, Macri, Larreta. I think the important thing is to get everyone to think monolithically”

– Manuel Tagle – President of the Córdoba Stock Exchange at the opening of the session

“In the province of Jujuy, peace had to be restored. We lived through more than 15 years of corruption and violence, of a parallel government that had to be put in order. The first slogan was to restore order“, Morales pointed out, and made reference to Milagro Sala: “The one who is imprisoned is not a political prisoner, but criminals who appropriated the resources of the people who charge plans, who take over the streets, and end up being the managers of an important part of the country’s budget”.

After reviewing the investments in technology and education that are being made in his province, Morales said that “the priority is to improve the quality of education. The debate must take place at the national level. A great educational reform,” he said. “The school model, traditional high school, is no longer enough“, he affirmed, promoting the idea of ​​installing the installation of trades in secondary schools from 4th to 5th year.

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The governor reviewed what is being worked on regarding the cultivation of cannabis and tobacco, companies, investments in the province and the country, renewable energy, recycling, tourism, projections and other current policy issues. “What is coming is leadership, capacity and management,” Morales stressed. As for the national, “We are not responsible in Together for Change for what is happening now”: “The Front of all sank the ship, they have deepened the deficit in energy matters,” he assured.

Regarding the statements of Facundo Manes against Mauricio Macri, he called the fact “an excess”, and said that it had not been a direct accusation against them but that “it is called for reflection”. “It is an unfounded accusation that cannot be let go”, In addition, he pointed out that the document issued by the UCR is not “so harsh” but it does have a point: “Summon the reflection of all citizens. “I will speak with Facundo, but at the conference in La Plata we ratified the membership of radicalism in Together for Change”.

“We want a more symmetrical and balanced relationship. We set that limit,” he said. At the same time, he anticipated that he could become part of an alliance by 2023: “I have no problem with any leader of radicalism accompanying me to be my vice,” Morales mentioned, and stated that he plans to join as a candidate for the presidency.

“I am going to be a candidate for president. I have no problem with any leader of radicalism accompanying me to be my vice”

– Gerardo Morales – Governor of Jujuy

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Gerard Morales: "I'm running for president" • Channel C

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