The Vice Minister of the Economy, Gabriel Rubinstein, and the chief adviser to the Palace of Finance, Leonardo Madcur, will travel to Washington on Monday to close a new agreement with the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

This old one aims to agree on a new program with new goals on the accumulation of reserves, the fiscal deficit and monetary issue. This new deal would improve conditions by the end of the year.

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The agreement with the IMF was originally going to take just three weeks, according to what Economy Minister Sergio Massa said when he returned from Washington last April, but the deal was dragged on. Entering July, the resolution of the payment of 2,700 million dollars was not signed.

The officials will be in the US capital between Monday and Tuesday to agree on new deadlines and figures. The new agreement will be concluded “in hours” according to the Minister of Economy when expressing himself before the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO).