This Friday, the government of the Nation through the Ministry of Economy announced that the payment of the maturities of June to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). What caught our attention is that dollars were not used to make the payment, but SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) and equivalent yuan were used. to US$2.7 billion.

The Ministry stated that “With the objective of agreeing on the staff level agreement, an economic team headed by Leonardo Madcur and Gabriel Rubinstein travels to the United States early next week.”

For his part, he IMF, through Julie Kozack, Director of Communicationsissued a statement after a routine informal meeting of the Board of Executive Directors on Argentina that took place on Thursday “IMF staff and the Argentine authorities will continue to advance their joint work in the coming days, with the aim of reaching an agreement on the fifth review of the program. Technical discussions continue on a package of policies to safeguard economic stability, in the context of a challenging situation, partly affected by the historical drought.”