The rise in the dollar and the loss of purchasing power of the peso ended up accelerating the increases in construction materials and the housing construction sector is experiencing days of intense uncertainty. In just 15 days in the corralones an increase of up to 20% was evidenced.

The new rise in prices also reaches those who are building houses who assure that they will have to absorb certain expenses so as not to transfer it to the sale value of the houses that are currently under construction.

The most important rises occurred in imported materials, although they also reached the rest, although to a lesser extent. On the other hand, in the corralones they warn that there are delays in the delivery of some other products. Experts say that today there are very few suppliers that sell, not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t have a price, iron, for example, is not being delivered.

Along the same lines, in the month of June some increases had already been evidenced, the Construction Cost Index of Córdoba (ICC-Cba) registered a monthly variation of 6.83% in its General Level and 58.11% in relation to June 2021, with which the cost per square meter assumed an average value of $80,504.4.