During June, the Córdoba Construction Cost Index (ICC-Cba) registered a monthly variation of 6.83% in its General Level and 58.11% in relation to June 2021, with which the cost of the metro square assumed an average value of $80,504.4. These figures imply an increase higher than the general cost of living measured in Córdoba in the same month.

The Construction Cost Index (ICC-Cba) measures the monthly variations experienced by the cost of building a standard social housing. It is made up of three divisions called “Chapters” that involve the prices of different elements.

The “Chapters” are: “Materials”, includes the prices of 124 inputs; “Manpower”, 6; and “Miscellaneous”, 11. The total set of “Chapters” is classified as “General Level”, which includes the prices of the 141 elements listed above.

As a reference, a standard dwelling is taken consisting of a kitchen-dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom, with a covered area of ​​50.25 m2, ceramic block masonry with thick and fine plaster, ceramic floors and a tiled roof.

Source: Cordoba Construction Cost Index (ICC-Cba)