Driven by the joint drive of the public and private sectors, industrial parks are being developed in our province, accompanying the growth of the Cordovan industrial network, improving the competitiveness of the industries that are located there, enabling them to access multiple benefits and allowing local governments a better and more effective territorial reordering.

Within the parks of our province, there are more than 1,100 SMEs that employ more than 16,000 workers and workers, constituting a powerful dynamic force of the Cordovan productive ecosystem.

In addition, thanks to the new promotion law in force in the province, each SME that settles in an industrial park accesses total exemption from provincial taxes for 15 years, and subsidies for 7 years for incremental energy consumption and the incorporation of new employees.

Under these ideas during the current week the Industrial Park number 52 will be released. It is a 41 hectare propertydistributed in 96 lots. It has 3. 4 installed industries which They generate 401 jobs.

Upon final recognition, It is projected, the establishment in the property of 14 new industries which They will generate 88 more jobs. This way, the Park will have 48 established industries generating a total of 489 jobs.

On the occasion, the Government of the Province delivered a Non-refundable contribution of $8,000,000 for the execution of complementary infrastructure works on the property