While a demonstration with a traffic cut was taking place on Route 9 (Buenos Aires-Rosario), a trucker captured with his cell phone the moment in which the occupants of a car got out to disarm part of the guardrail and go down a road alternative.

The video was posted earlier this week by Read Peace on your TikTok social network profile. There, the 23-year-old who was on board his truck, recounts what is happening in the film piece: “What do you want to do, sick!? Stop fucking around, breaking the guardrail… I can’t believe it. We’re all crazy. Look at it!” he says, outraged. When they finish unscrewing the screws that hold the metal part, the two men get back on board the vehicle and leave, taking a different path.

The crazy thing is that later, while the first one drives away, you can see how at least two more cars follow it. Another smaller car and a truck. “See you at Disney! This one follows,” Lean relates.

Among the comments of the users, who generated more than 2 million reproductions in just three days, they point out the “cunning” of the men who disarm the traffic piece. “You have to spend several hours there in the sun’s rays… I’ll give it to you”; “She Loosened 6 Screws, Didn’t Break Anything”; “I congratulate them, what’s more, I would give him a political position, to resolve conflicts. The sanction has to be for those who block the route”; “They did not hurt anyone and help congestion”some pointed out.

Others, on the contrary and in tune with the young owner of the video, repudiated the action: “What a thing, we complain about the routes and we disarm them”; “They went too far”; “Here we are”; “What a pity that this happens”they said.

Look at the moment: