A report prepared and published by the Córdoba Ombudsman’s Office indicates that in November the Basic Food Basket increased 5.30%. This implies that the same set and amount of food cost $2,889.01 more than in October 2022. In the interannual comparison, the increase was 93.08%, which means $27,686.35 more than a year ago.

So that a family of four (2 adults and 2 children) does not fall below the line of indigenceneeded income of at least $57,430.67. Meanwhile, to be above the poverty line (Total Basic Basket), the same group required income of $129,217.67.

In addition, the survey found that a single adult person needed an income of at least $18,585 to not be homeless.

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Increases by items and products

Of the five food items that make up the CBA, four averaged increases of more than 7%.

Set eggs and Dairy had a double-digit average change: 11.81%. The prices of all foods in this category increased, led by the price of whole milk that increased 16.32%followed by the cream cheese (13.19%)the grating cheese (5.49%), white eggs (3.03%) Y fresh cheese (1.34%).

The group Fruits and vegetables showed an overall increase of 8.59%. Within this, many products increased well above that average, such as: pumpkin 27.39%; banana 25.62%; sweet potato 24.69%; apple 20.68%; chard 10.08%; and carrot 9.19%.

the heading Flours and Legumes recorded a monthly variation of 7.89%. The largest increases were registered in foods such as lentils 23.87%; flour 000 13.62%; beans 12.49%; dry noodles 11.92%, among others.

Foods grouped within Others had a variation of 7.62%. This group includes everyday consumer products, such as tea (19.22%), fine salt (11.78%) and vinegar (10.34%).

While the set of cuts considered in the group meats averaged a variation of -1.00%. The INEDEP detected average drops in the prices of most of the cuts that go from the -1.15% on the palette until -2.98% on the bait. The buttock is the only cut that increased: 1.93%.

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CBA without TACC

INEDEP takes as a reference a CBA without TACC for a home in which one member, an eight-year-old girl, has celiac disease. In this case, the CBA cost $60,887.87. They are $3,457.80 more expensive than a common CBA.

Flours and Legumes It is the food group that concentrates the greatest difference, since all the products listed here are identified as suitable for celiacs.

The more expensive products of this category are the premix, sweet cookies, and rice noodles that they had monthly variations of 6.62%, 5.86% and 7.03% respectively. The item in general increased by 6.63%.