On Thursday night, Martin Llaryoracandidate for governor of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, arrived in the town of Saldán to express his support for the candidacy for the local mayor of Carolina Christori, “because Saldán deserves to continue growing and progressing.” Cayetano Cantocurrent mayor of Saldán, was in charge of welcoming him before a large gathering of neighbors.

Together with his running mate for vice governorship, Myrian Prunotto, and to the legislative candidates for the departmental Colón, Gustavo Brandan (owner) and Luciana Dams (alternate), Llaryora also received the support of mayors and mayoral candidates “from the homeland of Columbus”.

In his speech, Llaryora referred to the socioeconomic context in Argentina, and differentiated it from the current provincial and municipal administration: “In Córdoba we continue forward, the management continues, and continues to carry out works to improve the quality of life of our neighbors”and exemplified with the actions carried out through the Entre Metropolitano, of which Saldán is a part, and which “they modify and value the geography of the neighborhoods and bring the services closer to where the people are”.

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The mayor and candidate for governor Martín Llaryora and the candidate for lieutenant governor Myrian Prunotto, among others, accompanied the launch of Carolina Cristori’s mayor in Saldán.

In the same way, he regretted the crisis that Argentines are experiencing and marked his differences with the national leadership.v“We are a productive power, we produce food for millions of people and we have hungry people. We have energy, we have the world’s second largest gas reserves, and we import instead of exporting gas. We have those contradictions, unbelievable. And this economic situation is exclusively the responsibility of the governments that did not know how to manage and take Argentina to the place where we should be, and that today is the product of a single word: it is the product of the crack”.

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For this reason, and to achieve a solid economy that generates employment and development throughout the territory, the candidate of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba considers it necessary to opt for new ways of doing politics. “We are in a difficult moment, in a moment of crisis in Argentina. We need to add up, we need to unite, we need take off our party shirt to put on the Córdoba shirt, the neighbor’s shirt, the shirt to go forward. Here no one left any party identity, no one left any ideology around the corner. Here what we did was understand that we all have to be more united than ever”, Llaryora said, referring to the representation of political forces that make up the space of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba.

Along these lines, Llaryora expressed that “If we are not united, we cannot do the necessary works, nor the programs to sustain what we did, to guarantee better health, better education, better security, and a better future for all Cordoba.” “Us different ideas will make us betterand we want to be better every day to make the best management in the history of Córdoba”closed Llaryora.

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Rodrigo Rufeil, Jimena Canto and Sabrina Valor, natives of the department and current candidates to occupy a seat in the Unicameral by Single District, were also present. The national deputy Ignacio García Aresca, the minister Julián López, the legislator Carlos Presas, leaders, mayors and community leaders of the region also participated.