September is the month of the celebration of the Youth par excellence. On September 16, the National Youth Day is commemorated, on the 21st the Student’s Day is celebrated and, also on that day, we welcome the most beautiful season: spring.

Within this framework, the Government of Córdoba will carry out the Youth Month together with the Córdoba Joven Agency and other ministries, agencies and State bodies that join a large grid with various activities.

It includes the presentation of new programs, youth meetings, tournaments, training and shows, among other activities.

It is a series of actions and events that highlight the issues that make the integral development of young people from Cordoba, as well as the public youth policies that are being developed throughout the province.

Programs that promote the commitment, projection and enjoyment of a new generation that is already transforming the way we see and understand the world today.

Since 2011, the province of Córdoba has prioritized its youth. It has the Córdoba Joven Agency, the only youth area -at the national level- that has ministerial rank and its own budget.

Through this area, successful programs have been carried out that promote training, participation, entrepreneurship, care for the environment, and solidarity, such as: Time Bank, Peer Tutors, Environmental Leaders, Córdoba Joven Project, Manage Yourself Well , Emerging Generation, Ideamos Córdoba and Youth Activating Memory, among others.

During Youth Month, it also foresees the relaunch of the initiatives: Youth Language Center, which offers free courses in English, Portuguese and Italian, and I Know Córdoba, an invitation to visit the iconic places of the Cordoba capital.