The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the head of the Anses, Fernanda Raverta, announced today that from March, the income ceiling to receive Family Allowances will be equalized with the Income Tax floor. In this way, the new amount will go from the 158,000 pesos currently in force to 404,000 pesos.

In this way, 900,000 girls, boys and adolescents will be incorporated into the Single System of Family Allowances (SUAF), benefiting more than 600,000 Argentine workers, Raverta said in the announcement he shared with Minister Massa.

They also ensured that the measure is permanent and will be updated automatically. That is to say that, before each modification of the floor for which the Income Tax begins to be taxed, the ceiling up to which the Family Allowances are received will also be updated.

It is estimated that the expansion of this coverage implies a fiscal effort of approximately $4,000 million pesos per month.

The new values ​​from March

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) confirmed the increase in assets for Family Allowances of the SUAF from the quarterly update of 17%.

  • Birth $13,359
  • Adoption $79,891
  • Marriage $20,004
  • Prenatal $11,465
  • Prenatal (Income between $151,703.01 to $222,490) $7,732
  • Prenatal (Income between $222,490.01 to $256,873) $4,675
  • Prenatal (Income between $256,873.01 to $316,731) $2,410
  • Son $11,465
  • Son (Income between $151,703.01 to $222,490) $7,732
  • Son (Income between $222,490.01 to $256,873) $4,675
  • Son (Income between $256,873.01 to $316,731) $2,410
  • disabled child $37,323
  • Child with a disability (Income between $151,703.01 to $222,490) $26,401
  • Disabled child (Income from $222,490.01) $16,661
  • annual school aid $9,605
  • Annual school aid for disabled child $9,605

Raise it covered in the Mobility Law it will run until June and further reviews will take place in June, September and December.