The Cordoba Chamber of Private Educational Institutions confirmed a new increase in school fees. The increase will have a floor of 20% and will be affected by the tariffs for April and May. But it is expected that it will continue to climb in the following months.

Javier Basanta Chao, president of the Chamber, explained that the increase is due to the recent salary agreement between the teachers’ union and the Government of the Province.

“The institutions are trying to stretch it out as much as possible, trying to accompany the economic issue of the parents of the students and the students who go to the educational institution, but a very tough year is really going to be expected because from 2019 to date , and practically the educational institutions have lost approximately 72% regarding the increase in a quota,” said Basanta Chao.

He also clarified that “Both the schools that receive a contribution from the State and those that are not going to register an increase from the beginning of the school activity,” he indicated.

Alarmed, parents of an educational institution in Alta Córdoba assure that they were warned that the school fee would reach $50,000 in the month of May. On the other hand, Alejandro Cela, head of the Chamber of School Transporters of Córdoba indicated that the longest trip that was around 18,000 pesos will cost 23,000 pesos.