Tattoos have already been naturalized for a long time. People of all ages and tastes choose designs that will remain on their skin forever -in most cases-. From small phrases and minimalist drawings to complex geometric designs, including animals, names, entire songs: imagination is the limit!

And this is how the client of a British tattoo artist who shared on his social networks one of the craziest requests ever made to him understood it. Dean Gunther is a tattoo artist who specializes in color realism, who fulfilled the wish of a man who didn’t want to go to the gym or diet, but wanted to have his abdominal marked with the famous “six pack”, and showed the process in the Instagram social network.

Yes. This tattoo took two full days of work for Dean, who said the challenge was “one of his favorites“. It was not the first time that Dean was asked for a crazy tattoo: on the same platform he shared the result of another client who asked him to print Nike brand sneakers on his feet forever.

Instagram: @dean.gunther

In a short time, the video has already accumulated almost 250 “likes” and thousands of other comments, in which most users highlight that although the idea “is stupid”, its efficiency is evident. “When you train and really have abs, your abs will have abs”, “I was doing it wrong all this time”, “The tattoo was very well done, but it really is stupid” and “The dumbest tattoo in the world”, they stood out.

Look how the abdominal tattoo turned out: