The president of the INCUCAI, Carlos Soratti, described the 1,366 organ and corneal transplants that were carried out in 2022 as “a good number” despite the impact of the coronavirus wave in the first quarter and stressed that “Argentine society has an attitude positive towards donation”, as part of the National Organ Donation Day that is commemorated this Monday.

Soratti maintained that “taking into account the drop in donors due to the impact of the omicron coronavirus variant in the first quarter”, the 1,366 transplants “is a good number”. “Argentine society has a frankly positive attitude towards donations and that is a very great value as a society,” he said. And he added that despite the coronavirus pandemic “there was a very strong decision to support the transplant opportunity.”

The doctor, specialized in Intensive Care and in Health and Social Security Systems, indicated that one of the problems that must be addressed is the “concentration of the transplant offer in the metropolitan area” which implies that in order to “access the transplant have to move to other provinces.

This year, 477 kidney transplants, 153 liver transplants, 39 heart transplants, 15 kidney-pancreatic transplants, 12 lung transplants, 3 hepatorenal transplants, 1 pancreatic transplant, and 655 corneal transplants were performed, while 123 were pediatric (under 18 years of age). In 2021, on the other hand, there were 3,181 organ and corneal transplants, 40% more than in 2020, a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Likewise, Soratti stressed the need to work so that donation is possible in “all hospitals and care centers” because “we are transplanting much less than what is demanded.”

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