Many families in Córdoba whose children attend private schools each time allocate a greater percentage of their budget to school expenses. The tuition and school enrollment represent the largest percentage of that total and the fees of private institutions tend to increase monthly in an attempt to beat inflation. It is in this context that the so-called “quota 11” will begin to be applied in private institutions in Córdoba.

It is not an official measure, but a resource that some schools are already implementing and that consists of charging the total annual value of the tuition (without counting the registration) in 11 installments, instead of doing it in 10.

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“Starting in the 2024 school year, the number of monthly installments will be modified to 11”, can be read in a statement from a private educational institution. In this way, “the payments from the 2024 cycle will be made up of a registration and 11 monthly installments”, reads the institutional information.

Javier Basanta Chao from the Cámara de Instituciones Privadas de Córdoba said in dialogue with local media that due to the singular economic moment, it is analyzed as positive that “families have a lower outlay” and “give schools the possibility of quarterly increases instead of monthly”.

The values ​​for the next school year are generally notified during the month of September. Before that date, or failing that at that very moment, the educational community should be informed of a change of these characteristics, which affects the contractual conditions of the following period.