The INDEC (National Institute of Statistics and Censuses) released the Consumer Price Index (IPC) for the month of January.

LInflation for the first month of the year was 6%, that is, it had an increase compared to the “stabilization” that it showed in November and December 2022, which showed 4.9 and 5.1% respectively.

The division with the highest increase in the month was Recreation and culture (9.0%), mainly due to the impact of the increase in tourism services as a result of the holiday season, and the cable television service.

The divisions followed in importance in terms of the highest monthly increase Housing, water, electricity and other fuels (8.0%), largely driven by rising utility rates, and Communication (8.0%)due to increases in telephone and internet services.

the heading “Food and Beverages”, the one with the greatest statistical weight within the index, it rose 6.8% in the first month of the year. The most notable increases corresponded to seasonal products, especially fruits and vegetables, tubers and legumes.

To this was added, although with a smaller increase than in the seasonal ones, the prices of bread and cereals, and meat and derivatives.

As long as you cut beef like the shoulder, the rump or the buttock had rises that exceeded 3%, the price of the hake fillet increased 14%.The price of a liter of milk, for its part, increased 4%, flour, 9%; stew noodles, 8.4%; and white rice, 7.9%; among other items considered essential.