Cecilia Rodríguez, a Cordoba taxi driver with seven years in the business, explained how she prevents herself from the violence and insecurity that her work exposes her. Every day the aggressiveness grows in the streets and drivers are affected by her work.

“I am relatively new to the field, but insecurity is a constant. Nobody knows what will happen to him on the tour. I not only I avoid certain neighborhoodswhich were always a red zone, but now the city in general is unsafe, we no longer have a red zone and a good zone,” said the taxi driver in dialogue with Cadena 3.

Following the claims of the taxi drivers, the Municipality of Córdoba will deliver 500 anti-panic buttons to taxi drivers and bus drivers in the city. In turn, it enabled the installation of a physical barrier between the driver and passengers, similar to that of police cars.

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Although measures are being implemented, for Cecilia it is not enough: “For me the anti-panic button is more the same, it is not a guarantee of security, because they demanded, for example, to set up monitoring stations, and they also continue to assault us. We’re still vulnerable, either because the agency doesn’t have some contact with the police or because they can’t get there on time,” he explained. “I think you have to change the system, not put more tools or look for a way around it“he added

The driver said that she suffered an assault in November 2022, when she was locked up by two motorcycles while looking for a client. In addition, she commented that “They are opportunists. In those fifteen days they assaulted three compañeras“.

On the other hand, he stressed “We live from day to day, It is knowing that today we go out to work and we do not know what can happen. I have worked day and night. uncertainty is high“.