A reporter in Chile experienced an ironic moment in the middle of the live newscast, since Nicolás Krumm from the CHV network was talking about insecurity in some sector of the South American country and was the victim of a robbery.

A small parrot was the architect of this criminal operation, since in the words of the same journalist the little bird was on a fence watching him, later he stood on his shoulder to remove his hearing aid and flee from the crime scene.

“I tried to warn the cameraman more than anything because it’s kind of quaint and I was like, ‘Well, this doesn’t just happen any day.’ Having a parrot standing here, there are people who spend years training birds to stand on the shoulder and well, I was lucky that it stopped there and that’s why I warned the cameraman to be there attentive”, Krumm recounted his experience with the pilferer.

The images were shared by the same television station and the presenter commented on the following before showing the video to the public. ““ A parrot stands on her shoulder, but not only does it stand there, but it also steals her hearing aid, ”said Karina Álvarez.

Later, Nicolás set out to look for his hearing aid and luckily he managed to find it lying on the grass, ahead of where he was. “I had to start looking for the hearing aid and finally the cameraman found it in the grass,” he concluded.